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What's the difference between RAD syllabus and cecchetti method of ballet?

Do you specialise in one or the other? If you go to a school which teaches the Cecchetti method do you do the RAD exams?

What's the difference between RAD syllabus and cecchetti method of ballet?star theater

well different types of ballet come from different countries. If you take a Cecchetti class you'll take a cecchetti exam. same with RAD. Rad seems to have more levels, making each level probably a little easier than each Cecchetti level. I'm not saying RAD is easy i'm just saying it's spread out more. i hope this helped =)

What's the difference between RAD syllabus and cecchetti method of ballet?extension opera theater

I specialize in the Cecchetti method of ballet. There are 7 levels altogether. I am currently in Grade 4 and took my Cecchetti grade 4 exam last year. I don't know what RAD is but I do know some studios practice Vagonova (spelling?) which is the girl method of Cecchetti. I am a girl, but Cecchetti method was invented by a Russian man with the last name of Cecchetti. Many years later, a Russian woman altered the syllabus, and called it Vagonova, after her last name. Not many people practice Cecchetti anymore. Our studio is the only one out of five in Michigan that does. Hope I helped!!! Anymore questions and you can email me, or contact the Cecchetti Council of America at their website.

p.s. Cecchetti students take Cecchetti exams, not RAD or anything.
It really depends where you're from, I think. I'm from Buffalo, and the schools are pretty evenly divided between cecchetti and vaganova. I trained Vaganova with mostley Balenchine influence, but there's many Cecchetti schools here, too. There are quite a few collegiate programs here,and most of them teach Cecchetti, but I think a lot of the private studios here teach Vaganova because the teachers worked for NYCB, ABT or for the Buffalo City Ballet or The Lake Erie Ballet, which all took a lot of direction from Balenchine, and Baryshnikov.
I don't think so, I think the cecchetti syllabus do their own exams, so like if you went to RAD classes you do RAD exams, if you go to cecchetti classes then i guess you do cecchetti exams but I'm not sure because i train using the BATD syllabus

oh and for those who were wondering RAD is another syllabus, but i think it is only taught in england, possibly some other parts of europe I don't know (and it stands for Royal Academy of Dance)

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